I’m Alive!

It’s been about two months and a half since I last updated this blog, but to be fair my laptop died on me and I have yet to buy a new one. As you can imagine, life without a laptop/computer in this day and age sucks a fat one, but they are REALLY expensive here and I will probably have to get a Mac since it seems really time-consuming to find a PC with an English OS. But on a brighter note, a lot of pretty cool stuff has happened since I last updated the blog. Let’s see…I have kind of joined a local amateur basketball team, I hit up Tokyo for a long-weekend, I got my ticket for my one-week New Years shenanigans in Osaka (the best city in Japan!), I got a car and I pretty much got the driving on the wrong side of the road and car thing down, the weather is pretty awesome right now, I’ve met a bunch of cool people, and I’ve gotten pretty damn good at cooking. These next two weeks also look pretty promising as I will be heading to the capital of my prefecture for a Halloween party at a pretty bad-ass looking club and I am set to go to Tokyo again on the first of November!

 OK! So let’s talk negatives. It’s been getting pretty cold recently and it’s only going to keep getting colder. The temperature now hovers around the 40-50F range but the real feel usually stands at the 30-40F range and that’s cold as tits for me! The insulation in the houses here is pretty non-existent, so the result is me being able to see my breath inside my house pretty much all day and having to wear a ton of sweaters, socks, beanies, etc. to stay warm. November will bring snow, although not enough to pile up, but I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the long, depressing winter ahead of me. Also, even though I think it’s pretty damn cold now, I am not using my heater for two reasons: One, I am trying to save some money, and two, I’m a BOSS. But, as soon as my toilet water and toothpaste start to freeze, I’m turning that bad boy on! The scenery and lovey-dovey nature is starting to look super damn pretty though!

Autumn colors of Aomori

Autumn colors of Aomori

 So now let me enlighten you all with some updates on the nightlife and scene ‘round here. There is NONE. Literally, there is absolutely ZERO nightlife in my town, so I usually head to a couple cities about 30 minutes to an hour from here on the weekends. There is only one nightclub around here and it seems pretty promising so far. Of course there’s a bunch of Japanese style bars, we call them izakayas here, and a few Western-style bars, but those are usually a hit-or-miss. Regardless, I feel like I pretty much know all the hot spots around here and I will be frequenting them quite often come winter. Because of my frequent outings, I feel like my Japanese has gotten pretty damn good and pretty damn quick. But I am only referring to conversational Japanese, because I have been severely slacking on the more textbooky reading and writing stuff. But yea, I usually just strike up conversations with randoms and they usually look pretty happy to talk to me and relieved when they realize I can speak some of their lingo, which I will refer to as Japango from now on.

Beer Alley (Mirokuyokocho)

Beer Alley (Mirokuyokocho)

OK, this is getting pretty damn long so I’m gonna let you all go. Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures, but yea, no laptop. Oh, and one more thing! If you’re reading this, I want to give a quick shout to my boy Danny who recently recovered from a terrible accident and let you know that you’re a BOSS bro! I miss ya’ man!

 Oh kay kay kay!

 David, out!


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